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Embark on Larry's remarkable journey, as he evolves from a trailblazing HR pioneer to an exceptional transformation champion. With unwavering determination, Larry redefines the boundaries of human resources, infusing his expertise with cutting-edge innovation. His unique fusion of AI and leadership unveils new horizons for talent strategies, propelling organizations toward unprecedented success. As we delve into his narrative, we witness the birth of a visionary who not only envisions change but embodies it, revolutionizing the landscape of HR practices. Join us in celebrating Larry's inspiring odyssey of change, growth, and groundbreaking impact.

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We ignite belief in human potential and innovation, inspiring teams to move beyond traditional HR boundaries for business growth.

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Guided by Larry's vision, we fuse tech and human needs, fostering mutually beneficial growth for businesses.

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Leveraging Larry's rich HR-tech experience, we bring strategies to life, delivering effective solutions that drive real business results.


"Larry is the rarest combination of CHRO, A.I. mad scientist, and startup-hungry founder/advisor all wrapper in one. This book is a strategic and tactical playbook for leaders who want to build future-proof, tech-enabled organizations today."

Varun Puri - Co-founder of Yoodli

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Navigate the future of HR technology with Larry's strategy discovery.

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Uncover cutting-edge HR tech solutions tailored to your organization's needs under Larry's expert guidance.

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Ignite inspiration and drive change within your organization with Larry's captivating keynote addresses on leadership and innovation.

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Strategic Vision: When planning the evolution of your talent strategy, do you seek a revolutionary shift in approach or prefer incremental improvements over time?

When evaluating your HR tech stack, are you inclined towards a revolutionary overhaul of technologies or gradual, incremental enhancements?

In developing effective communication channels and fostering organizational culture within your HR ecosystem, do you envision a radical transformation or gradual adjustments for improvement?

Revolutionary Change

Incremental Improvement


#1 International
Best-Selling Author

Over his career, Larry has built highly effective talent acquisition and enablement strategies and development programs. Larry is known for his exceptional ability to work with cross-functional leaders and silo bust throughout organizations.

Larry McAlister on enterprise-wide scalability.

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Transformational Wisdom

The Power to

The Power to Transform: A Field Guide to Building a Human-Centered, Tech-Enabled Work Culture tells the story of how NetApp embraced the future by understanding one thing: that to transform its business, it had to transform its culture—at the speed of cloud.

By incorporating best HR practices and cutting-edge tech—pivoting early to hybrid, incorporating AI, democratizing the career development process and embracing the direct connection between well-being and the bottom line—NetApp’s HR team has built a 22nd century mold leaders of all stripes can easily follow.

The author’s aim? “I want to make this SUPER EASY for people.” Told from the perspective of one of its chief architects, Larry McAlister (a seasoned public speaker and three-time corporate CHRO) outlines the basic steps of this “inside job” so others can do the same—lead their own version of a tech-enabled, human-centered business culture transformation.

What's Inside?

  • NetApp transforms culture to ride tech wave.
  • HR shapes 22nd-century leadership with cutting-edge tech.
  • Book unveils dynamic tech-driven culture shifts for organizations.

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